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Do you and your dog love playing fetch at the parks around Chino Hills? Here’s what’s in it for your dog:

There’s no denying the fun in fetch. You and your dog walk or drive to a park around Chino Hills or Rancho Cucamonga, you bring some tennis balls or a frisbee, then you let it rip for as long as your dog keeps playing. 

You’ve probably noticed, it’s a lot more work to play the dog’s role than the human’s. In fact, as a human, I’m not so sure I’d be down for a role reversal. So why does your dog love retrieving a ball just so they can do it again and again until they’re exhausted? Here’s why: 

  • Hunting Instincts: Wolves survive by chasing prey and carrying it back to their pack to share. Switch out a rabbit for a tennis ball and it’s mostly the same?
  • Spending time with you: There’s nothing dogs love more than spending time with you. Any reason they can get to do that, they’ll take it.
  • Release some energy: Domestic life can often get a little cooped up. Fetch is a great way for dogs to expend all that energy without the owner having to match it.