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Hiking with your dog around Chino Hills this fall? Here’s what to bring.

Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors around Chino Hills or Rancho Cucamonga. Hiking trails are typically less crowded, and the fall leaves and crisp air makes for a delightful afternoon. Bringing your dog along is a great way to bond and get exercise. Because of the brisker weather and earlier sunsets, here are some items you should consider bringing to ensure a safe and warm trip for your four-legged hiking partner:

  • High visibility vest or light: Many hikes require some distance on the side of the road or in a parking lot. If you’re getting to the trail head early, or get back later than expected, making sure your dog is easily visible through these stretches with cars can keep them safe.
  • Doggy sweater: Sometimes you plan a hike in advance and when the day arrives, it’s much colder than you expected. For humans, no problem, bring a jacket. Make sure your dog gets the same warmth we do with a light doggy sweater on colder fall days. 
  • Towel for the ride home: There’s a high chance your hiking trail is going to be muddy in the fall. Unless you want your dog to bring that mud home in the car, bring a towel to clean and dry your dog after the hike. They will appreciate a dry ride home too.
  • Dog Boots: Some dogs are divas and we love them for it. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get exercise and enjoy a hike with you. Just toss some boots on their paws so they don’t have to walk through the mud the whole time.